No44 is a premium denim brand, driven by a single, yet powerful idea: to craft sustainable jeans that celebrate the diverse beauty and strength of women everywhere.

We embrace slow fashion principles, focusing on quality, comfort, and versatility.
Our denim is fully traceable, high-quality, and recycled.

Denim is both complicated and beautifully simple. We appreciate the time and effort required to create our jeans, the fact that you don't need many pairs, and the comfort of finding a perfect fit that becomes your go-to for years.

We don’t do seasonal collections, we just make great jeans. Each piece has an enduring appeal, ensuring they remain a versatile wardrobe staple across multiple seasons and for all lifestyles: made so you can look your best for many years to come.

Our ethos: clothing should last for years. We make clothes you'll proudly own and pass down to future generations.