Str. Virgil Madgearu, Nr.5, Timisoara

Str. Virgil Madgearu, Nr.5, Timisoara
We’ve been organizing & running startup events since 2014 with the sole purpose of growing and strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Timisoara. Connecting the doers with the business people, helping community members grasp entrepreneurship by joining events like Startup Survivor, Startup Weekend or Startup Coffee. By autumn 2016, the need for a space to call it our own, a place for all our events to take place, became clear to us. We couldn’t just move the events anymore from one location to another.

This is when we came with the CoworkTimisoara concept, and started prepping our first location (Tineretului). This space (and the business around it) was built in the spirit of what we preach — lean startup all the way — a small space, bootstrapped, so we can prospect the market and test if there really is a need for commercial co-working spaces in Timisoara.

Cowork Timisoara Tineretului was launched in February 2017. Located at the 2nd floor of Casa Tineretului it’s comprised out of 100 sqm [16 fixed desks], a small kitchenette area and a meeting room. Of course, proper coffee was our first concern - we had the espresso machine long before we finished installing the carpet.

Fast forward to September 2018. With over 100 events hosted, a couple of thousands of people visiting our venue, startups, freelancers, accountants, photographers, web developers & techies working from the location, it was the time for the next level.

With so much activity, we already outgrew our first location, so we need it a new place from where to be able to offer an even wider array of options that could continuously contribute to the growth our the local community.

You can read our entire story in this Medium post.

To recap & conclude with some numbers, 2019 brought together:
113 events hosted & organized
2500+ attendees
260k Social Media reach
Insane amounts of coffee consumed