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DOMESTIKA se dorește a fi cea mai completă emisiune de muzici rock alternativ, underground, dar și alte stiluri conexe precum metal, hip-hop, electro, post punk, psychobilly sau ska. Nimic din ceea ce are legatură cu acest fenomen muzical nu este ocolit, DOMESTIKA oferind nu numai interviuri și informații despre cele mai tari trupe de gen, dar și promovarea trupelor noi sau chiar incursiuni prin trecut pentru a redescoperi muzici uitate. DOMESTIKA înseamnă, de asemenea, interviuri cu formații mari ce ne vizitează țara, concursuri, albume noi în premieră, știri și altele. Hefe (Răzvan Rădulescu), membru al trupei rock Coma, are, pe lângă activitatea muzicală, o bogată implicare în ceea ce privește susținerea rock-ului în România.

Emisiune prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration.

“Keep your ears as open as your mind!”


DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 16.06.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 09.06.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 02.06.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 26.05.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 19.05.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 12.05.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 05.05.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 28.04.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 21.04.2024
DOMESTIKA cu Hefe / prezentată de Vans și New Era, powered by VGeneration - 14.04.2024
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    Unde gasesc un podcast…cu alegerile astea am ratat emisiunea

    Andreea (Domestika)

    Domestika playlists (ep.1-17)

    Domestika ep.1:
    Refused – new noise
    Ramones – rockaway beach
    Husker Du (band) – pink turns to blue
    Mike Patton / jean claude vannier – top of the world
    Mike Patton / jean claude vannier – browning
    Brutus -django
    Killing Joke: Official – love like blood
    armando trovajoli -enfado
    the stooges -1969
    Deftones – smile
    Jennylee- boom
    Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway – lives
    Autolux – turnstile blues
    PIXIES – ready for love
    The Mars Volta – inertiatic esp
    1000mods – vidage

    Domestika ep.2:
    Sex Pistols – bodies
    Fugazi – break
    Fugazi – i’m so tired
    The Interrupters – bad guy
    The Dillinger Escape Plan – black bubblegum
    dEUS – nothing really ends
    Mastodon – show yourself
    Napalm Death – you suffer
    Perry Farrell – machine girl
    The Details – stop and dedicate some time to the sun
    Misfits – London dungeon
    Misfits -Hollywood Babylon
    The Smashing Pumpkins – landslide
    Emma Ruth Rundle – dark horses
    Maestro Ennio Morricone – the ecstasy of gold
    Korn – you’ll never find me
    Tool – pneuma

    Domestika ep.3:
    a perfect circle -so long and thanx for all the fish
    puscifer – m is for milla
    jaco pastorious – come on come over
    devo – girl you want
    king gizzard – muddy waters
    chico science -a lama a caos
    sepultura – ratamahatta
    j dilla – reckless driving
    thrice – black honey
    thom yorke – suspirium
    the cramps -human fly
    gangstarr-bad name
    black flag – tv party
    bauhaus – she s in parties
    melvins -revolve
    queens of the stone age – regular john

    Domestika ep.4 – invitat Dan Costea (Coma)
    The ‪Buzzcocks‬ – Ever Fallen in Love
    Thursday – I Am The Killer
    Tom Jones – Thunderball
    ‪Bad Brains – Pay to Cum‬
    ‪Mike Patton – Corpse Flower‬
    Coma – Bine
    ‪Black Sabbath – Paranoid‬
    Survolaj – Strazi Bantuite de Noapte
    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    ‪Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast‬
    ‪Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again‬
    Thrice – Black Honey
    Coma – Montagne Russe

    Domestika ep.5 – Christmas edition:
    The Hairy Bottlers aka 3 feet smaller – Last Christmas (punk version)
    Billy Idol – Jingle bell rock
    Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas
    Darlene Love – Christmas (baby please come home)
    System of a Down – Christmas Carol
    Voodoo Glow Skulls – Feliz Navidad
    Shellyan Orphan – Ice
    Ramones – Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)
    Mike Patton & Mike Zorn – The Christmas song
    The Kinks – Father Christmas
    Bowling for Soup – All I want for Christmas is you
    Blink 182 – I won’t be home for Christmas
    Lemmy Kilmister feat. Billy F. Gibbons & Dave Grohl – Run Rudolf run
    The Damned – There ain’t no sanity Clause
    Issues – Merry Christmas, happy holidays
    Dropkick Murphys – The season’s upon us
    Cristina – Things fall apart

    Domestika ep.6:
    Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier – On top of the world
    Tool – Invincible
    Brutus – Cemetery
    Leonard Cohen – Thanks for the dance
    Planchettes – Mourning Sun
    Life of Agony – Scars
    Dog Fashion Disco – Sweet Insanity
    Weezer – Can’t knock the hustle
    Mark Lanegan – Night flight to Kabul
    The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Little Fishes (South of Reality)
    American Football fear Rachel Goswell (slowdive) – I can’t feel you
    Lagwagon – Bubble
    Saudade – Shadows & Light
    Boy Harsher – Send me a vision
    Moon Duo – Stars are the light
    Bad Religion – Chaos from within
    Russian Circle – Arluck

    Domestika ep.7:
    Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues
    Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
    Dropkick Murphys – I’m shipping up to Boston
    Rancid – Ruby Soho
    Rancid – Jurney to the end of the East Bay
    Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the pain
    The Cure – Burn
    Trust Company Official – Hover
    Bad Brains – Re-Ignition
    Iggy And The Stooges – TV Eye
    Blonde Redhead – Elephant Woman
    Butthole Surfers – Pepper
    The Velvet Underground – I’m waiting for my man
    Puscifer – Humbling River
    Autolux – Turnstile Blues
    Social Distortion – Another state of mind

    Domestika ep.8:
    At the Drive-In – One armed scissor
    Nine Inch Nails – Head like a hole
    Monster Magnet – Space Lord
    Crosses – The epilogue
    Descendents – Good good things
    Alice in Chains – No excuses
    Ghost – Square hammer
    The clash – London calling
    The Lemonheads – Into your arms
    Infectious Grooves – Therapy
    Voodoo Glow Skulls – Baile de los locos
    Sisters of Mercy – Doctor Jeep
    Cat Power – Werewolf
    Deftones – Prayers/Triangles
    Kings of Convenience – I don’t know what I can save you from
    Anti-Flag – Rank-N-File
    Anti-Flag – The press corpse

    Domestika ep.9 – invitat DJ Dox:
    Gang Starr feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx – the militia
    The rolling stones – (I can’t get no) Satisfaction
    D-Nice – crumbs on the table
    Public Enemy feat. Stephen Stills – he got game
    África Bambaataa feat. The Soulsonic Force – planet rock
    Freestyles feat. Herbie Hancock – rockit
    Looptroop Rockers – the struggle continues
    The Last Poets – when the revolution comes
    Eric B. & Rakim – I ain’t no joke
    50 cent – rowdy rowdy
    Apollo Brown feat. Chris Orrick & Magestik Legend – thoughts in mind
    Masta Ace & Marco Polo feat, Smif-N-Wessun – Breukelen “Brooklyn”
    Big Shug – play it
    Deltron 3030 – the return

    Domestika ep.10:
    Slowdive – slomo
    Slowdive – no longer making time
    Nothing – A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
    Big Deal – swoon
    Brian Jonestown Massacre – anenome
    Pearl Jam – dance of the clairvoyants
    Desdemonas – the South will never rise again
    Daniel Johnston – True love will find you in the end
    One Day as a Lion – wild international
    Jawbox – savory
    Turnstile – generator
    A perfect circle – disillusioned
    Eagles of Death Metal – save a prayer (Duran Duran cover)
    Kyuss – green machine
    Sonic Youth – sunday
    Slipknot – nero forte

    Domestika ep.11:
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – straight up
    Peeping Tom – mojo
    Rage Against the Machine – Maggie’s farm
    Eric B & Rakim – don’t sweat the technique
    Prince – controversy
    The Breeders – cannonball
    Anti-Flag – the disease
    Dinosaur Pile-up – nothing personal
    Puscifer – Queen B
    Ceremony – hysteria
    Charlie Brown Jr. – dona do meu pensamento
    Warpaint – the brakes
    Blondie – hanging on the telephone
    The Clash – London calling
    H2O – memory lane
    Corrosion of Conformity – albatross
    Quicksand – cosmonauts

    Domestika ep.12 – Alice in Chains special edition:
    Alice in Chains – man in the box
    Alice in Chains – we die young
    Alice in Chains – sea of sorrow
    Alice in Chains – them bones
    Alice in Chains – rooster
    Alice in Chains – angry chair
    Alice in Chains – down in a hole
    Alice in Chains – no excuses
    Alice in Chains – I stay away
    Alice in Chains – over now (unplugged)
    Alice in Chains – grind
    Alice in Chains – again
    Mad Season – long gone day
    Mad Season – wake up
    Jerry Cantrell – cut you in
    Alice in Chains – check my brain
    Alice in Chains – stone
    Alice in Chains – rainier fog
    Alice in Chains – red giant
    Alice in Chains – would

    Domestika ep.13
    Mr. Bungle – sweet charity
    Mr. Bungle – retrovertigo
    Pearl Jam – superblood woldmoon
    She Wants Revenge – red flags & long nights
    Dessert Sessions – if you run
    Deftones – hole in the earth
    Deftones – sextape
    Twin Tribes – fantasmas
    Katatonia – lacquer
    Drab Majesty – oxytocin
    The Details – cellophane nirvana
    Faith no More – this guy’s in love with you
    Slayer – seasons in the abyss

    Domestika ep.14:
    Mondo Cane – ore d’amore
    Dead Kennedys – let’s lynch the landlord
    Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One & The Last Emperor – C.I.A. (Criminals in Action)
    The Isley Brothers – climbinNewstead – soldierhead’ up the ladder
    Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – lullaby
    Zimbru – dog heaven
    Pinback – Good to sea
    The Mars Volta – l’via l’viaquez
    Smashing Pumpkins – pug
    Suicidal tendencies – war inside my head
    Sufjan Stevens – fourth of July
    Colonist pe lună – înserare
    Air – surfing on a rocket
    Newstead – soldierhead

    Domestika ep.15:
    Ramones – commando
    A Tribe Called Quest – I left my wallet in El Segundo
    Long Beach Dub Allstars – life goes on
    Pinback – good to sea
    Killing Joke – love like blood
    Kino – Konchetsa Leto
    Talking Heads – psycho killer
    Mike Patton – 20km al giorno
    Nino Rota – brucia la terra
    Dredg – bug eyes
    Crosses – telepathy
    Devo – whip it
    Touche Amore – palm dreams
    Head Automatica – beating heart baby
    Fugazi – waiting room

    Domestika ep.16:
    Tool – sober
    Jennylee – I’m so tired
    Bauhaus – she’s in parties
    King Crimson – 21st century schizoid man
    Angus & Julia Stone – paper aeroplane
    Mastodon – show yourself
    Anthrax – antisocial
    Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – the message
    Dinosaur Jr. – feel the pain
    Bobby Womack – across 110th street
    Borracho – circulos concentricos
    Black Flag – rise above
    Pinback – drawstring
    Sade – no ordinary love

    Domestika ep. 17:
    Team sleep – ever (foreign flag)
    A perfect circle – what’s going on
    Sublime – what I got
    Sly and the Family Stone – family affair
    Twin Tribes – shadows
    Ariel pink – lipstick
    Beastie Boys – sure shot
    Digable Planets – pacifics
    Crosses – goodbye horses (silence of the lambs!)
    Led Zeppelin – going to California
    John Frusciante – omission
    Deftones – digital bath
    The Black Queen – secret scream
    Pearl Jam – release me
    DIIV – blankenship
    John Coltrane – love supreme

    Andreea (Domestika)

    Domestika ep.18:
    Rage Against the Machine – microphone fiend 
    De La Soul – me myself and I 
    Porno for Pyros – pets
    Queens of the Stone age – this lullaby
    Queens of the Stone age – in my head 
    Therapy? – screamager
    Rush – YYZ
    dEUS – instant street
    Fun Lovin’ Criminals – you know how we do it
    The Misfits – she
    Mondo Cane – 20 km al giorno
    Tomahawk – south paw
    GZA feat. Method Man – shadowboxin’
    Secret Chiefs 3 & Traditionalists – Sophia’s theme
    Frank Sinatra – the world we knew (over and over)
    Mogwai – heard about you last night
    Miles Davis & Charlie Parker – a night in Tunisia

    Domestika ep.19:
    Foo Fighters – everlong
    The Clash – rock the casbah
    Eric B. & Rakim – microphone fiend
    Antemasque – 4am
    At The Drive-In – one armed scissor 
    Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – the message
    Gal Costa – se voce pensa !!! 
    Faith no More – just a man
    Warpaint – undertow
    The fall – big new prinz
    Public Enemy – rebel without a pause
    Queens of the Stone Age – go with the flow
    Death of Lovers – quai d’orsay
    Deftones – entombed
    Cómo Asesinar a Felipe – disparan (fill the skies) 
    Paco de Lucía – concierto de aranjuez

    Andreea (Domestika)

    Domestika ep.20:

    Rage Against the Machine – fistful of steel 
    Ramones – Sheena is a punk rocker
    Fun Lovin’ Criminals – king of New York
    Primus – Jerry was a race car driver
    Mike Shinoda feat. Chino Moreno – razors out
    Dredg – bug eyes
    Coke Escovedo – I wouldn’t change a thing
    The Mamas & The papas – California dreamin’
    Hum – the pod 
    Depeche Mode – waiting for the night 
    Pinback – loro
    Korn – alone I break
    Kings of Convenience – Cayman Islands 
    Thursday – understanding in a car crash
    Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – redemption song 
    Slint – breadcrumb trail

    Andreea (Domestika)

    Domestika ep. 21:
    Peeping Tom – mojo
    Fun Lovin’ Criminals – love unlimited
    The Descendents – good good things 
    A Tribe Called Quest – I left my wallet in El Segundo 
    Dinosaur Jr. – don’t pretend you didn’t know
    Them Crooked Vultures – new fang
    The Misfits – teenagers from Mars 
    Prince – take me with you
    Chvrches – get out 
    Interpol – obstacle 1
    Deftones – kimdracula 
    Kurt Vile – rollin with the flow 
    Bad Brains – I against I
    Jurassic 5 – quality control
    Pinback – drawstring 
    Miles Davis  – so what

    Domestika ep. 22:
    Ramones – I wanna be sedated
    Giulia y los Tellarini – Barcelona
    Fu Manchu – separate kingdom
    Jimi Hendrix – purple haze
    Rocket From The Crypt – I’m not invisible
    Devo – be stiff
    Helmet – unsung
    Minor Threat – minor threat
    Fiona Apple – cosmonauts
    Wu-Tang Clan – for heavens sake
    Pinback – boo
    Incubus – karma come back
    PIXIES – Magdalena 318
    The Breeders – drivin’ on 9
    RoadkillSoda – my stretch of dirt
    Andrés Segovia – Asturia

    Andreea (Domestika)

    Domestika ep. 23:
    Beach Boys – good vibrations
    The Specials – ghost town
    The Supremes – you can’t hurry love
    Beastie Boys – pass the mic
    Bikini Kill – rebel girl
    Mars Volta – l’via l’viaquez
    Dr. Octagon –  earth people
    Brutus – sand
    Brody Dalle – hybrid moments
    Iron Maiden – wasted years
    Pinback – good to sea
    Slowdive – no longer making time
    Anca Agemolu – te voi iubi pan-la sfarsitul lumii
    Misfits – some kinda hate
    Gojira – stranded
    Sleep – dragonaut


    Ascultam radio Guerrilla și am remarcat instant o piesa de la Tool, după care urmează una de la Primus, mi s-a părut ceva extraordinar, Tool urmat de Primus, buna alegere domnule Hefe

    Cristian D

    Salut! Sunt și eu curios: cum in 2022 se mai poate pune un podcast MONO pe vreo platforma de internet? E de toată jena, zău. Puteți sa le reactualizati cu un sunet decent și pe cele mai vechi?
    Multumesc si sper într-un răspuns pozitiv.


    Am tot asteptat si asteptat si acum s-a intamplat. Hefe is back cu voce cu tot


    As plati $ ca sa acult podcastul si totusi e free! Cum as putea sa Ii trasnmit un mesaj lui Hefe sa-i multumesc?

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